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Arts and Entertainment

The other day I was talking to a lady who had her PhD in dance. She was able to teach dance all over the world, and she became a professor. The reality is that many people who get degrees in dance don’t end up making all that much money, and if they dance professionally it’s hard to keep up as they get older, the younger generation just has too much energy and agility to compete with, and your knees only hold out for so long. Not just for dance, you can ask any professional athlete. Speaking of which very few ever make the grade, but let’s talk about that for a second shall we?

You see if you get a degree in fine arts from college or from a major university, it isn’t going to be cheap, and even with all that debt that you’ve racked up in tuition and student loans, the chances of paying it off are slim to none in many cases. Yes, it’s true those student loans will be guaranteed by the US taxpayer perhaps, but they’re still going to want their money back, and will come after you for it sooner or later. Not long ago someone told me that they wanted to get a degree in art and entertainment. They weren’t sure what they wanted to do yet, they were still deciding. That’s interesting isn’t it?

There was a rather troubling article in the Wall Street Journal on February 18, 2013 titled; “A Degree Drawn in Red Ink – Graduates of Arts – Focused Schools Are Shown to Rack Up the Most Student Debt,” by Ruth Simon and Rob Barry.

Well, it appears from this article that getting a degree in art or entertainment costs more than let’s say getting an MBA or a law degree. That seems like a rather risky venture, and it’s not that I don’t believe that you should do what you love in life and something you have passion for, I do believe that to be true. But if you think you’re going to pay off those expensive loans, think again, and consider your options more carefully. It’s your choice in the end, but if you were worried about being broke while going to school, you may as well get used to it if you go for one of those high end art schools.

Vibrant Art and Entertainment Scene

Sydney has long been recognized and renowned worldwide for its vibrant art and entertainment scene as well as for its lively sports calendar and fun-filled year-round festivals.

The Opera House is the centerpiece of Sydney’s performing arts scene and the venue of choice for Australia’s preeminent performances in ballet, opera, music and theatre. There is also the nearby Wharf, the base of such leading performance groups such as the Sydney Dance Company, the Bangarra Dance Company and the Sydney Theatre Company.

The Theatre Royal and the baroque State Theatre regularly stage traditional theater productions while the newly-renovated Capitol is a favorite venue for long-running musicals. The Lyric Theater, Belvois Street and the Showroom, which is housed in the Star City Casino, are other popular entertainment venues. The Ensemble regularly stages productions headlined by popular Australian actors.

For foreign visitors with alternative tastes, we strongly urge a visit to The Stables and the Performance Space. Meanwhile, for a taste of contemporary dance and ballet, the Opera House and the Wharf are excellent choices while The Bondi Pavilion, Enmore Theatre and Seymour Centre are more than worth the visit. Jazz enthusiasts will love the Basement at Circular Quay and Pontoon.

The music scene is alive and thriving in venues such as the City Recital Hall, the Customs House and the Sydney Entertainment Centre, which regularly stages international concerts. The Rose of Australia in Erskineville has developed an excellent reputation for the quality of its live bands.

Sydney is also acclaimed for the quality and diversity of its museums. For a fun and educational afternoon, The Australian and Powerhouse Museums are the places to explore. People with a fascination for naval ships will appreciate The National Maritime Museum while those with a thing for ghosts, especially ghosts of dead prison convicts, may find a trip to the Hyde Park Barracks interesting.

In addition, the State Library of New South Wales offers a wealth of knowledge while Macleay Museum provides an eye-opening exhibit of over 9,000 stuffed birds as well as Charles Darwin’s flea.

Australia’s leading art institution is the Art Gallery of NSW, which houses perhaps the most significant collection of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander works. It also contains an impressive array of European and Asian art. Visit the Museum of Sydney for its unique approach to narrating Australia’s colonial and indigenous history. The Museum of Contemporary Art boasts of a fine international collection of art pieces, and the Manly Art Gallery & Museum has a permanent display of over 800 paintings tracing the colorful history of beach culture.

On the other hand, if your idea of art and entertainment carries an epicurean yearning, then Sydney’s vivacious club scene will provide all the excitement that you need. Virtually every year, there are new and hip places in the city that draw in the most upscale and sophisticated crowds, such as Darling Harbor, DCM, Q Bar, Mr Goodbar and Rogues are other popular choices for foreign visitors looking for a swinging night out in Sydney.

Lastly, the city’s best bars and pubs include the likes of Longrain, the Grand Pacific Blue Room, Gilligans and Dugout Bar (underneath Burdekin Hotel). Business types, both foreign and local, usually converge at SlipInn, Wine Banc, Aqua Luna Bar and Jacksons On George.

While in Sydney, consider staying in luxury in one of their MANY beautiful accommodation spots. James Lush (ex-BBC and ITV TV and Radio journalist, now living in Australia) gives you the low down on all the great luxury accommodation spots available in Sydney and the rest of Australia.

Art and Entertainment in the Dark

The life of the people from middle ages had a big impression of many severe issues. This time period was considered to be a miserable time in history, especially for the agricultural labor class man. That was a time of courageous fearless rulers. The kings and their stunning castles bear command over the countryside. The beauty of these places had continuously drawn visitors from across the globe. Despite of the fact that it had been a tough time for common man, several entertaining arts flowed through the medieval era. Irrespective of the basic living difference between rich and poor, everybody knew the significance of amusement and enjoyed taking a pause from the boredom, when required.

The entertainments were in a varied form. Entertainment sessions are often held at the courtyards of riches, especially the kings and queens. The citizens gathered over here from all over to enjoy the arts performances before them.

The activities comprised of games, sports, music and dance with special attraction for dramatic plays. The new artistic talents received a platform at these places. Entertainment rained at these places with the performances of many Musicians, singers and story tellers.

Along with unique dancing performances by jesters, the musicians often composed love songs with dramas based on historical events and religious themes to entertain the masses. These interesting activities full of art and entertainment fascinated audiences of all class and age groups. Competitions for indoors such as chess and knuckle bones were held but if some have interest in outdoors, they had a choice to opt for horse riding and wrestling as a player or as a spectator. There were long running tournaments also. It constituted of severe thrilling games like sword-fight or bull-fight. Everybody had their part of fun and enjoyment cheering for their loved participants.

Even the priests and nobleman at churches were into singing folks and hymn at specific religious occasions. The sessions were built-in and enjoyed by all. A ceremonial dinner party is also organized for many people time to time.

Views of Arts and Entertainment

Entertainment art and entertainments gallery is not, as publication would have it, a pale imitation of art which happens to propound for a public audience the same values that art does for the elite members of the self-same cultural group.

Rather, art and entertainment are but similar activities. Art engenders thoughts and emotions in its audience so that they can be referred to a meaning,

While entertainment creates thoughts and painters museums art gallery emotions in its audience that create pleasure for that audience by allowing its members to notice that the events art and entertainments before them engendered those thoughts and emotions. Acrobats create fear with their daring, and the audience enjoys its sense gallery art of fear because it knows that the events before it created that fear. Mystery tales generate galleries suspense by piling up yet clues and suspense, the public audiences enjoy the puzzle as well as the atmosphere of painters contemporary the fiction in which the puzzle is set.

Games of cards and sports are two sources of entertainment because their audiences attend to the particular way a game is played out whether a declarer should have led a spade and whether a squeeze bunt might have led art museum a runner to score– rather than for any sources to be a participant to the play of chance or athletic prowess.